What to do if you pour the wrong fuel into your rental car vehicle?

When renting a car, it is important that before you explore the model you want to rent on the car rental agency website. This way, you can find out the various essential vehicle information that can be used on your way. What most people forget to ask is what fuel is required to rent a car vehicle. It is unfortunate that car rental users are pumping wrong fuel into the car and do not know what to do about it. In this article, we will tell you, step by step, how you should act if this problem arises.

Types of fuel

Diesel in a gasoline engine can not function, so your rent and car will simply stand as soon as you consume the rest of the gasoline in it. There is a much bigger problem if the opposite happened and if you were pumping gasoline into a diesel engine. Gasoline burns much faster so that there can be mini explosions that will certainly damage the engine.

Do not start the engine

If you've already realized at the pump that you were pouring out the wrong fuel, the most important thing is to remember not to start the engine. In this way, you will prevent inadequate fuel from reaching the engine and causing damage. On the other hand, if you remembered only when you started the engine, stop the vehicle as soon as possible. Of course, do not do it abruptly if you are on the road, so as not to jeopardize other traffic participants.

Unlock the car from the side

After you have stopped your vehicle, you must make sure not to disturb other cars around you. Place the gearbox in a neutral position and push the car away from the side. You can ask someone to help with pushing. People are mostly willing to help other drivers, because they have gone through this countless times themselves. If you are still in the pump, move the vehicle so that other cars can take fuel.

Call a rental car agency

When you finally stopped and moved away, it's time to call your rent a car agency. This is certainly not something that happens to them for the first time, so it will give you clear instructions on what to do next. Find out where you need to return the car, and then call the tow truck to bring you there. You can not take your car rent out there by yourself. The agency will most likely propose to you the service, and may also organize the transport of vehicles in a different way.

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