Rent a car Airport

Rent a car Airport Belgrade

Belgrade is the largest city in Serbia. It is filled with events and attractions for visitors who are in the immediate vicinity of its downtown and on the outskirts. You can enjoy festivals, visit some of the museums or some places to go out.
To fully experience the attractions and local taste of renting a car at the airport in Belgrade is a wise decision. 
The Nikola Tesla Airport is located in Surcin about 15 kilometers from the center of Belgrade and easy and easily come from it to the city with the help of a rented car waiting at the airport.

Avaco rent a car Airport Nikola Tesla

Avaco offers the best prices for car rental in Belgrade. With the ability to choose the best car, you will surely find the best car rental prices in the country. Enjoy the best car rental services in Belgrade. Find our location and get your vehicle. Avaco rent-a-car makes it easy for you to reach all the desired destinations in the city and the surrounding area.
From small, compact and economical cars for the city, Avaco car rental offers you a number of more comfortable four-door lorries for longer journeys.

Rent a car on two locations

The possibility of renting a vehicle exists in two locations: Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport or in our agancy in Trnska 7 street.
If you want to reserve a vehicle, follow the links on our site and find the appropriate vehicle to reserve. 
You can make a reservation via the site or by phone, by calling the numbers: 
+381 65 63 63 327 and +381 11 24 55 620