Rent a car Surčin

Renting a car in Surčin Beograd

Surčin is the place in Belgrade where Nikola Tesla Airport is located.
Reserved car, except in our agency in downtown Belgrade, you can take over and return to Surcin at Nikola Tesla Airport.
We recommend that you book your car on time in order to bring our agents to an agreed place. You need to forward your flight time in advance  to take a car. At the agreed time, the car will wait for you at the incoming terminal. Payment of car rentals and vehicle deposits is done in advance, when the vehicle is taken over. The entire procedure for taking a car is quick and easy and takes only a few minutes. You can also make payments with Visa and Master Card credit cards.

Choose a car that suits you

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You can make a reservation via the site or by phone, by calling the numbers: 
+381 65 63 63 327 and +381 11 24 55 620